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As our company is an agency, we have the oportunity to offer a wide selection of different types of river-boats which is always practical for the number of participants.

Optimal capacity of a boat is different from the maximum capacity, and is meant to define a proposed number of passengers whom we can comfortably seat for regardless of weather conditions.

Optimal capacity of smaller river-boats is from 10 to 50 persons. Medium sized river-boats have a proposed optimal capacity of up to 80 persons. Larger boats provide enough room about 100 persons in one chamber, or up to 150 persons in multiple chambers.

All ships can be operated during wintertime as well, with heated saloon departments and an all-round panoramic view from the whole floor.

Partly covered upper promenade decks provide additional room complete with seating and tables, where one can absorb the views of the river and its surroundings. Mobile furniture makes it possible to arrange customised interiors according to the actual number of passengers and the needs and requests of our customers.

Ships also have sound-systems installed to provide background music and PA-system. Both ladies' and gents' rooms are accessible.

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